Ehtesham Arshad Nezami is a freelance journalist, writer, political analyst and author. His columns are published in various newspapers in the USA and Pakistan, as well as on several websites. He shares his expert opinion with national and international electronic media frequently. His first book “Nairangi-e-siyasat-e-dauraan” was published in 2009 and had record sale.

He has been working in reputed financial institutions in Pakistan and USA. He earned his master’s degree in Political Science from University of Karachi, Pakistan.
He had been editor of Urdu monthly “SHARF”, while he was the honorary editor of USA based Urdu weekly “Pakistan Times”. Ehtesham Nezami is a regular columnist of a USA based Urdu weekly “Urdu Times”. His columns used to be published in Pakistan daily newspapers “Jehan Pakistan” and “Jinnah”.

Ehtesham Arshad Nezami started his primary education in Dhaka and passed his higher school certificate from Dhaka Government College. He moved to Karachi in 1970.

After separation of East Pakistan he with his friends Dr. Laiq Azam, Mumtaz Alam, Syed Ehsanul Haque, Hassan Imam Siddiqui and others started a movement for protection and repatriation of Pakistanis stranded in Bangladesh camps. Under the banner of East Pakistan Students Action Committee, Ehtesham struggled for long time on humanitarian ground. For this humanitarian cause he worked as chairman of the National Council for Repatriation. In 1995, he was elected chairman of Pakistan Repatriation Council International and he still holds that position.

Ehtesham is a founder member and Secretary General of USA based “FRIENDS OF HUMANITY” (, which is working for the humanity. FOH’s first project is in USA and Bangladesh camps. He is member of Advisory Council of Indiana based “OBAT HELPERS” which is focussing on education for kids living in Bangladesh camps.